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Installing a temperature gauge

by Jefferson Bryant in 5 Minute Tech

Content provided by Eric Flavin Keeping tabs on the coolant temperature of your engine is important because you don’t want to overheat it and blow coolant all over the [...]






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  • ls-lead
  • 1. As with any under-vehicle work, the car was raised and supported with jack stands. Never work under a vehicle without jack stands on a stable surface. The wheels were removed from the rear end. You will notice that the fuel tank is also out; this is not necessary and was part of another project.
  • For swaps that do not have a transmission controller in the ECM, you will need one if you plan on running an automatic transmission. This is the Perfect Torc from Painless Performance, and it is a very simple install.
  • 2016 Issue 4
  • Sometimes parts don’t fit like they should, especially headers. A one degree variance at the top of the head can be a couple of inches at the bottom of the header. These headers are modified, the tube arrangement is for an LS-swap with LT1 flanges. That didn’t quite work as planned as the passenger side hits the bellhousing.
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  • 26. The finished headliner looks great. The green trim really stands out against the black perf vinyl. Eventually, the rest of the interior will be re-upholstered in a mix of green and black, with brown accents, such as the dash (which is stock and absolutely perfect) remaining as is.
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