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Donald Farr has been a die-hard Mustang owner his entire life. This is where he shares his passion for all things Blue Oval.

  • How to Install Sound Deadening

    Nothing ruins a sweet sounding system more than a trunk that buzzes and doors that rattle. While most cars come with some sort of sound deadening from the factory, it is not [...]
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    Before you junk it, read this!

    Engine blocks are tough. They deal with thousands of pounds of force pulling in every which way thousands of times a minute for hundreds of thousands of miles. Add to that [...]
  • Ball Joint Tools

    There is a saying that goes “Use the right tool for the right job”, and nowhere does that apply more than to the world of automotive mechanics. Using the wrong tool can [...]
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    Wagon blower

      High horsepower has always been the hallmark of a hot rod. The horsepower wars are alive and well at the factory level and increasingly the OEMs are using [...]
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    Cooling system

    There are few automotive situations that are more frustrating than cooling issues. Heat kills engines, yet an engine needs to run at a certain temperature to operate [...]

Resto-Mods for Your Pony Car!

March 24, 2015 // 0 Comments

From the outside, vintage Mustangs still look cool and nostalgic, prompting younger car enthusiasts to crave them as fun drivers and reminding Babyboomers of their younger [...]

An Unfortunate Series Of Fluid Dynamics

December 29, 2014 // 0 Comments

I’d rather deal with a spun rod bearing than a fluid leak. Over the past couple of years, the garage concrete underneath my 1966 Mustang has been freckled with little red [...]