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Welcome to Street Tech

Welcome to Street Tech

This project has been a long time coming, and we are proud to finally have it come to fruition. What you will read in this magazine and on our accompanying website is for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. You will not find stories written by advertising agencies, public relations reps or the like. We are gearheads, just like you. If we do a product review and the product sucks, we will tell you. If parts don’t fit like they should, you are going to read about it here. Unlike all the other magazines, Street Tech is 100% tech articles. This is the stuff we like to read, so that is what we are writing about. Want to learn how to port cylinder heads, rebuild a carb, or build custom emblems? We got it. Want to read about some car some guy paid some other guy to build for him for half a million dollars? Not in this magazine. Our focus is on street performance vehicles-new and old, foreign and domestic, just to keep things interesting. What you won’t see is cookie-cutter stories that you have read a thousand times before. What you will find between the pages of Street Tech Magazine you simply won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, every story you find in the pages of Street Tech will be on the website with more photos and even video, available only for subscribers (exclusive access is included with each subscription), along with weekly columnists, news and contests.

One other thing–Street Tech Magazine is only available through a direct subscription. If you like what you see, hit the web-site (, fill out the form and order a subscription. Thanks for reading.


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