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FAST® XFI Street™ Engine Management System


The latest fuel delivery system from FAST is a tunable ECU based on EZ-EFI Fuel hardware and harnessing, but with learning capability similar to XFI Sportsman and XFI 2.0 options. FAST engineers have designed an all-new laptop-tunable ECU to appeal to customers and dealers with simple EFI needs, but who prefer the greater flexibility afforded by laptop tuning. The XFI Street Engine Management System provides a cost-effective option for those customers who don’t need the most high-end system, but want complete control. Since XFI Street uses the same wiring as the EZ-EFI, it could easily be installed in place of an existing EZ-EFI ECU. Utilizing included C-Com software, XFI Street can easily deal with even the most challenging engine combinations. The XFI Street Engine Management System has data logging capability when connected to a laptop. It is intended only for naturally aspirated engines. The unit is offered in kit form with a multi-port harness or with an EZ-EFI four-injector throttle body and harness. A retrofit kit is also available for adding an XFI Street ECU to an existing EZ-EFI installation.

Quick Facts Product:

FAST XFI Street Engine Management System Part Number:

  • #30400 (Multi-port)
  • #304001 (w/ EZ-EFI Throttle Body)
  • #304003 (Retrofit Kit)

Street Price: $621.09 – $1,849.99

The FAST® XFI Street™ Engine Management System is a laptop-tunable ECU based on EZEFI® hardware, with additional learning capability

The FAST XFI Street Engine Management System is a laptop-tunable ECU based on EZEFI hardware, with additional learning capability

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect for custom individual runner induction systems
  • Easy-to-use software for novice & experienced tuners
  • Data logging makes tuning & troubleshooting easier
  • Advanced diagnostics help maintain peak performance
  • Direct plug-in capability w/ EZ-EFI Fuel wiring harness & throttle bodes; only need to replace ECU to upgrade system
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