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Royal Purple Break-In Oil



Premium lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple offers its highest level of protection for new or newly rebuilt high performance engines with its Royal Purple Break-In Oil. Royal Purple Break-In Oil is formulated with highly refined mineral oil and advanced additives that contain high levels of zinc and phosphorusto optimize protection in flat-tappet and roller engines. With this optimized formulation, Royal Purple Break-In Oil provides superior protection to the engine valve train and rotating components while allow fast and effective seating of the piston rings.

The product is fully formulated and does not require the use of other chemical additives. “Our goal as a lubricant manufacturer has also been to provide an answer to popular issues in the automotive community.” said Debby Neubauer, Royal Purple Vice President of Marketing, “Royal Purple Break-In Oil is our solution to address set-backs faced with modern motor oils that disrupt performance on new engines, it is our mission to provide protection for those engine builders that have long-waited for a superior formulation.” The lubricant has been widely utilized by performance engine builders and custom car builders across the nation. Noted custom performance car builders Mike and Jim Ring, founders and co-owners of Ringbrothers, have this to say, “We use Break-In Oil to make sure that the high horsepower engines we use in our builds are going to last and live up to the quality associated with the Ringbrothers name. It is important to us that the engines be broken in properly with Royal Purple Break-In Oil so that the customer can fully enjoy the car from the minute they take delivery and for as long as they own the car.”

Royal Purple Engine Break-In Oil (High Res)


  • Formulated to promote piston ring seating while protecting valve train and rotating assembly components from harmful wear during break-in
  • Fortified with high levels of zinc and phosphorous for maximum protection of flat-tappet and roller camshafts and lifters
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